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Our Happy Customers

“I absolutely love my rainbow! It cleans up all the dog hair & it cuts down on the dusting. I also have a central vac and it doesn’t even compare. I can vacuum with my central vacuum and think the floors are clean and go back with the rainbow and it’s totally dirty. Great purchase!” Ruby Wildridge, owner of Wildridge Machine LLC Lexington, TN
Ruby WildridgeGreat purchase!
“Rainbow has saved my son Seth James from a lifetime of respiratory illness. He's come off of 4 inhalers and 9 medications within a matter of weeks of us owning the Rainbow.” Amanda & Brett Bartholomew- Brett worked for Chickasaw Electrical & she worked for Varsity Spirit and now works full time Rainbow as a group leader . Somerville, TN
Amanda & Brett BartholomewRainbow is the only one!
“Earlier in the year we invested in a Rainbow. Best decision ever! My kids normally this time of year have a nasty green snotty nose that no amount of medication can clear up. Drove me insane! No matter how bundled they were out in the cold they still stayed sick. I can say this year we haven’t had the first snotty nose or sickness in my house. I truly believe it’s thanks to the rainbow and it’s amazing capabilities!” Hailey Cunningham Henderson, TN C3 Plumbing & LK & Company•MomPreneur
Hailey Cunningham
“It’s the most awesome machine ever! I use it all the time; it really made a difference in the amount of dust in my house.” Julia White /Realtor Parsons, TN
Julia WhiteIt’s the most awesome machine ever!